Editing Project

Student Media Meeting

I attended the student media meeting on Wednesday, April 11. Mike Osborne, News Director for Middle Tennessee Public Radio, sits as the chair Monday through Thursday for the meeting. Osborne as well as Perry Burton, journalism major and member of reporting staff, discuss interesting news stories on the state and local level. After they have discussed their topics, they open the floor for the students in attendance to give insight on stories they’ve seen in the past day or so that interested them.
Many students from Whitney Matheson’s editing classes were in attendance for her editing project deadline. We went around the table and talked about story ideas and gave feedback on each other’s ideas. Before the meeting ended, Mr. Osborne opened the floor for any remaining comments or feedback on the meeting. He offered to help to any student seeking a summer job, practicum opportunities and volunteer work alongside him and the WMOT team.



Copy editing was an intimidating experience at first, but a humbling one. It is very different to edit an entire piece of work than to edit broken up portions of a work. This forced me to really sit and break down a full body of work piece by piece. I learned that it is alright to read a piece multiple times and find errors that may not have stuck out the first time or two. I learned to focus on every word and how it affects the story, exercised the task of referencing my Stylebook quite often and fact checking even the smallest details. While it was a bit difficult starting off, I happened to enjoy copy editing more than I anticipated.

Here are three stories I copy edited.





10 copy errors on Sidelines

1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/04/crime-murfreesboro-police-respond-to-armed-robbery-at-shell-gas-station-on-greenland-drive/

“The employee said she laughed at the man, and the man then pointed a silver handgun at the employee.” I would correct this sentence by saying: The employee said she laughed at the man and he then pointed a silver handgun at her.

2. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/02/photos-alpha-chi-omega-spotlights-domestic-violence-awareness-with-puppy-photo-booth/

The photo captions should include the day of the week as the pictures were taken within two weeks of the posting of the article. They should read…on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

3. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/04/sidelines-guidelines-escape-end-of-semester-stress-with-our-top-netflix-picks/

Roundup is used as a verb in the first paragraph so it should be two separate words: round up

4. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/01/hey-kid-cartoon-by-jake-stone/

Comic strip titles should be in quotations. Garfield, Peanuts, Doonesbury and Pearls Before Swine should both be in quotation marks.

5. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/crime-murfreesboro-police-respond-to-shooting-at-the-pointe-at-raiders-campus/

The quote “Oh hell nah. They got me f—- up” is an unnecessary. This quote does not help advance the story in any way.

6. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/mtsu-sga-members-discuss-debate-many-bills-resolutions-in-weekly-meeting/

The headline is a tad bit confusing. A better headline would be MTSU SGA discuss bills and resolutions in weekly meeting. Simpler, easier to comprehend.

7. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/04/photos-bubba-gandy-seafood-offers-murfreesboro-new-flare/

The picture captions should include the day of the week as the pictures were posted within two weeks of the article being posted. The captions should read …on Thursday, March 29.

8. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/04/in-the-florida-room-with-mtsus-so-very/

This headline is not written in “down style.” It should read In ‘The Florida Room’ with MTSU’s So Very

9. http://mtsusidelines.com/2015/04/mtsu-earns-huge-win-over-no-14-rice/

Headline is not in “down style.” It should read MTSU earns huge win over No. 14 Rice

10. http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/04/photos-what-were-you-wearing-exhibits-aim-to-end-victim-blaming-at-mtsu/

The captions on the pictures do not include the day of the week. They should read…Wednesday, April 4.




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